A Bojo is a bicycle, specifially a public-access bicycle, sponsored by Barclays Bank in London. It is mainly blue, and has inadequate panniers. In December 2010, Bojos became available for casual use.
They take their name from BOris JOhnson, Mayor of London when they were introduced, and an advocate of cycling generally.
NB The Mayor of London is emphatically not the Lord Mayor of the City of London.
There's a bojo rack round the back of the Bank of England.
You didn't see many bojos in summer - but now they're everywhere!
by railtracksurvivor December 03, 2010
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The man who canceled your holidays and screwed over your children.
"Don't know about that bojo guy - seems pretty nasty"
- "Yeah, I worked 18 hour shifts due to corona and now he won't even let me have a holiday"
"You don't say mate."
- "My daughter also got pretty angry when her exams got canceled. No news about this year's cohort."
"Don't worry... they'll tell you the night before the exams. There's to need to stress."
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by Sir Keir Starmer, KCB QC MP October 10, 2020
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Slang term applied to students at Bob Jones University, an ultra-Christian-conservative college located in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.
I saw a BoJo buying porn at the Lake Forest Quick Stop!
by GrittyKitty December 10, 2006
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Black Out Jack Off

The art of jacking off while blacked the fuck out
We found Chad passed out in his chair with his pants off this morning, he must have bojo'd last night!

Steve is way too hammered to get any tonight, he'll probably have a nice bojo sesh later
by dick in hand May 23, 2012
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a small blonde human being or fetus.Derived from Boris and Joseph. Usually a bojo is quite chunky and models for photo studios in cottage country.
Hey I hear you are having a bojo! Congrats.
by erin November 30, 2004
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Bojo is a short term that one would call a blow job(when someone sucks a man's penis)
Say a woman who is looking for prostitute business comes up to you. She says,"Do you want me to give you a bojo? It'll be $100 per round."
by Kim Howdon January 22, 2006
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