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Food cooked in a micro-wave oven, but sold for profit in, for example, a pub. Particularly applicable where the menu puffs the food - 'scrumptious' 'lip-smacking', etc. Contrasts with 'home-made', which at least implies that the food was cooked from basic ingredients.
'The food at this pub is ping cuisine, and over-priced to boot,' said Bish, memorably.
by railtracksurvivor December 29, 2006
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A Bojo is a bicycle, specifially a public-access bicycle, sponsored by Barclays Bank in London. It is mainly blue, and has inadequate panniers. In December 2010, Bojos became available for casual use.
They take their name from BOris JOhnson, Mayor of London when they were introduced, and an advocate of cycling generally.
NB The Mayor of London is emphatically not the Lord Mayor of the City of London.
There's a bojo rack round the back of the Bank of England.
You didn't see many bojos in summer - but now they're everywhere!
by railtracksurvivor December 03, 2010
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To foretell - accurately.
A regular verb.
Just as remember is in the past - after an event looking back, so premember is something you do before an event, looking ahead.
Just as the French have a phrase 'deja vu' we English use premember; so - "Shall we premember the score of tonight's big match?"
"There he sits, premembering his order at the chip shop."
"Yeah, and I'll have a large cod with vinegar, no salt; d'you reckon he'll premember that?"
by railtracksurvivor October 04, 2008
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Getting your revenge in first.
Do unto him before he can do unto you, if you like.
A guy looks at you nastily across a rugby scrum; next maul, you tear his ear off, before he does the same, or worse, to you. You have completed pretaliation. Anything he does after that is retaliation, which referees always come down on harder than on the original malefactor.
"Did you see Tonto get his pretaliation in on that mean-looking winger?"
"Yeah, he'll be counting his ribs for a month! What a kick! Bet Tonto keeps out of his way for the rest of the game, though!"
by railtracksurvivor October 17, 2007
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Three accepted meanings:

1 A unit of brightness of nebulae. A nebula is a cloud-like object visible in the night sky, using a telescope or binoculars; think milky squished star. It - a Crab - is, by definition, equal to the brightness of the Crab Nebula, which was seen as a supernova in 1054 A.D., by Chinese and Arab astronomers; also known as the nebula M1 (Messier1).
A Crab has a sub-division millicrab, which any half-competent student of the metric system will be able to tell you is a thousandth-part of a Crab.

2 A hard-shelled crustacean, with a body generally wider than it is long, two pincers, and a wide variation in size, ranging from pea-crabs, about the size of the eponymous vegetable - to spider crabs, which have a claw span of three or four metres/yards in large (= old) specimens.

3 Pubic lice. This indicates that you may not have been too careful aboutyour fuck-buddies.
1 The new nebula is about five hundred and twenty millicrabs - say half the brightness of the Crab Nebula - said the little blonde astronomer; plainly, she didn't seek to sensationalise this new discovery.

2 Crabs can be caught in many coastal waters - but be careful picking them up, as they can nip.

3 'That damned soccer-jock gave me crabs - he must have shagged Brutus last week!' said Pandora with resignation, whilst counting her plentiful takings.
by railtracksurvivor May 01, 2009
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Not able to be disproven by the end of the interview.
Gordon said, "I have a credible plan to reduce debt while also improving public services"; the interviewer lifted his eyebrows.
What Gordon meant was, "I am going to be thrown out next year, and I'm going to further ruin the country so that whoever gets in, even an Etonian, will have to make terrible cuts to expenditure - and my mates will soon be back in with all the perks, expenses etc. they can muster! In the two minutes remaining of this interview you can't prove my wheeze will never work; and so I get the benefit of the doubt, at least from those to whom an extra £3,000 of government debt, per person in the UK, run up in the last six months - to be paid for by taxpayers (none of whom will vote for me anyhow), over the next ten years - matters.Big government rules - the man or woman from Whitehall really does know best how to spend your money - all of it. But this year's tax return will be simple. "Box A - write your income from all sources for 2009-10; Box B, the amount - exactly the same as in Box A - for which your cheque to HM Revenue and Customs is attached. Please include, also, a pound of flesh."
by railtracksurvivor July 01, 2009
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An awfully effective, real-world-based system of weights and measures still used in some countries such as the US and partly in the UK - despite the almost dictatorial pronuniciamentoes of the EU 'Yurp'} that everything must be measured in some - mis-measured - micro-fraction of the Earth's semi-demi-circumference.
Revolves around measuring weight, length, distance and energy etc. in units that actually do make sense - inch - called 'un pouce' in French is the length of the first digit of your thumb; span is the span of a man's hand fingers outstretched; a foot - 'un pied' in French - is - well . . . - the length of a foot; a yard is a pace or step; acre is the area a horse will plough in a day 220yards by 22 yards; a chain - 22 yards - is the length of a cricket pitch. And so on.
Unlike the metric system which may have been taken on board by most countries and is used in - almost - all science - the brightness of nebulae is - please note - measured in crabs and millicrabs; but you knew that.

Seriously, metric works for scienfitc calculations. But - when did you last have to work out the weight of an inch of rain falling on an acre (versus a centimetre of rain on a hectare!).
Goliath was six cubits and a span; those Imperial units equate - in other Imperial units - to an improbabble nine foot eight tall.
Now, the metric equivalent is 2,95m (equally improbable, but not blindingly obvious to a lay man).
"The Imperial system relates to human beings, and the things they are familiar with," said Nichola to her pal Nic; "It can be used for recondite scientific calculations, but metric may well be better for those."
by railtracksurvivor March 17, 2009
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