instant, easy, not well-thought out. applies to viewpoints and opinions in particular
Last night my mate Turok was spouting his flimsy, boil-in-the-bag political opinions about the war
by Eggers07 October 21, 2007
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A particularly boring or generic piece of recorded music....generally applied to dance music, such as techno/house.
For example....."Oi Dolan ...enough of the boil in the bag yeah?"
by bazzazz February 9, 2010
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to be a fetus, to be in the uterus, an unborn child
Son, that song is a remake. I was listening to the original version before you were even boiling in the bag.
by Woody Thomas January 20, 2007
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BOIL IN THE BAG is a man who takes on sumone elses kids or wrongly believes the kid is his own offspring this is not true hense he is a boil in the bag daddy
pure (boil in the bag) u lad

when you hear a kid calling the man by his real name you think to yourself (boil in the bag)
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