To waste one's time attempting to do the impossible.

Scope is too big to do in one project. Break it up into more than one. Don’t try to solve every problem at once. Identify a couple, address them, and move on.
You're wasting my time. You might as well be boiling the ocean.

Perhaps your scheme to connect all the computers together in the Internet in order to communicate with alien intelligence is a bit ambitious. Try something less difficult like boiling the ocean.’

In Obama's first year as President, he was trying to boil the ocean.
by doubleyoujiii January 23, 2010
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The art of overdoing somthing to the point that it is ridiculous.
In a meeting Tony turns to Todd and says, "C'mon man we dont have to boil the ocean"
by Bromistic Kiwi February 21, 2014
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To attempt something that is way too ambitious, effectively impossible. An idea too broad in scope to accomplish.

Jargon often used by self-important corporate middle managers prone to bloating their speech with meaningless and unnecessary buzz-words.
"Herb, buddy, you're really "boiling the ocean" on this one. We can't manufacture and nationally distribute fifteen-thousand widgets in ten minutes."
by Wiggywoo February 20, 2008
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When a poker player is so dominant, that he eliminates/bankrupts/discourages the weaker, fishier players from playing, he boils the ocean and kills all the fish.
Nick goes to the casino, and he makes thousands of dollars every week playing poker against other players. I'm wondering how long they can afford to play against him, he's boiling the ocean.
by Poker es May 25, 2012
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