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A legend female singer, who's songs are all art & perfectly sang. Listening to her music in the morning along with a cup of Arabic coffee has become a part of tradition in a lot of Syrian & Arab families. Her voice is very soothing even to her audience who can't understand the Arabic language. Nobody dares to insult her music & everyone agrees on how much of a unique singer she is.
The mother to her daughter: I don't feel very well today..
Daughter: Am gonna play Fairouz & get you a cup of coffee mama!
by DoYouAgree? August 23, 2017

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It's basically like saying "bullshit", but with a cool twist.
Rami: GT-R(s) are the best cars on this planet!
Ahmed: BOGUS!
by DoYouAgree? August 19, 2017

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An excuse that people use to get extra breaks at work.
A silly excuse to take a break.
A way to trigger non-smokers.
Boss to Hamid: Where are you going your shift has literally just started!

Hamid: Smoke break.
by DoYouAgree? August 26, 2017

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An average Souri dude with a medium sized penis, enjoys playing erotic football & loves to be the attacker *wink* *wink*. Can hardly grow a beard & he's known to try too hard to be funny. He went to an MBC adventure show & made his country proud. He's definitely overrated, but at the end of the day we all love him & miss his perfectly round bum.
Oh look there's Mardini, let's walk towards the other direction!
by DoYouAgree? August 19, 2017

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You usually address him as your weird friend, you always question his sexuality & his acts. He seems like a nice guy at first, but then when you get to know him you start to understand how messed up he is. He enjoys starting relationships with girls that he has no intention of staying with & then starts bragging about how he can not get rid of them. He's typically a cheapskate & is loved dearly by both of his parents.
He doesn't know how to spend his money well & has 0 taste in fashion, but we always come to the realization of how much we love him & his blonde hair :)
PS: he showers once a month.
Bassaleh to a friend: I have a dear friend named Killawi who is moody all the time, I think he's bipolar..

Friend: You must encourage him to pay Dr. Subhi a visit!
by DoYouAgree? August 23, 2017

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The offspring of a horse & a donkey (a mule).
Can be used as an insult.
Grandpa shouting: Who's the ja7sh that hid the remote?!
by DoYouAgree? August 27, 2017

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A Syrian breakfast staple.
A delicacy!
Full steamed eggplants stuffed with walnuts, mild peppers & spices later left to sit in a tight sealed jar filled with olive oil.

I know it sounds gross, just wait until you've tried it!
Dalal to Sham: My fiance said he'd only marry me if I learned how to prepare Magdoos :(
Sham: Don't worry about it honey, I will let my mom teach you how to make make the best Magdoos he's ever had!
by DoYouAgree? August 27, 2017

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