n. the elementary particle of bogosity (the measure of something being "bogus", i.e. bad)
Common bogon sources include politicians,
used-car salesmen, TV evangelists, and suits in general.
by junkyardprince November 11, 2003
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A person who can't quite qualify as a hipster, although strives to; and still holds bogan qualities despite strong efforts to repress such attributes.

(Australia east coast specific) A person that strictly buys fair trade organic coffee, attends 'politics in the pub', studies social science, wears jeans and shoes bought at second hand shops, and then drives their SS ute to a rugby league match and opts for cheaper beers such as VB or Tooheys New.

They attend blue-grass and jazz concerts for the image but would probably prefer to be listening to ACDC polishing their ute at home.

They like the image of appearing environmentally green in social situations, but work down a coal mine and boast about the money it pays with close friends.
"he's definately a bogon"

"Thats a nice vintage fixie he's riding; although that Nixon watch he's wearing reeks bogon"
by novojackson October 1, 2011
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1)It is a person that is below the normal status and loves to where tight jeans. Generally they drive older commodores.
2)Port Power supporter
"check out that bogon's mullet."
"dam, those bogon's shouldn't get so upset over loosing again."
by Scotty April 15, 2005
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A gross particle, possibly unidentifiable making it even creepier. Possibly a booger or bogey.
Unidentified disgusting particles stuck to something that has been cleaned by a dishwasher are bogons.
by anco January 8, 2005
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the imaginary particle of which something false (bogus) is comprised
The airwaves are full of bogons tonight. (example of bogon)
by The Return of Light Joker August 19, 2011
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Bogone, it means complete and utter dumbass.
Bogone, when used in a sentence when talking to something or someone implies that the receiving party is being called a bogone. Related words: idiot, dunce, dumbass, fool, nincompoop, cretin, imbecile, dimwit, dope, clod, sod, fool, etc.
by DeltaTUF December 3, 2021
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An address in the Internet Protocol's address space (i.e. an IP address) that has been made unroutable (e.g. private) by IANA. is a bogon IP address.
by donaldtusk April 28, 2022
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