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when something is boden, it means something is really fucking cool.
Chris: Was it boden?
Jesus: Nah, it was only bodenesque.
by Chris Ly September 12, 2003
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Norwegian for the open between the testicles and the anus of a man. Usualy has a lot of hair and clutter in it, this is why it is called boden, meaning the storage room.
"-Har du ryddet i boden" "-Nei, boden er rotete og full av dritt."
by Norwegianplumber February 15, 2017
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Boden is an amazing, energetic, kind of smart, stylish, rocking, funny, good looking. He also has blonde hair and green eyes. He is an amazing athlete. He plays baseball and hockey. He is a chick magnet.
Whoa he's awesome

Well of course it's boden
by Midgetdude October 26, 2016
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Holy shit, Johannes just rolled the hugest fucking Boden.

Dude, Brad's got greens on the Boden this time.
Jay put too much weed in the Boden, we gotta re-roll this bitch.
by Jay the Charmander August 05, 2009
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