A Beast of a man, makes incredibly good music, and loves to blast dubstep. All of the girls like montez because his extremely soft hair. Montez is amazing.

Friend: Hey, did you hear that really awesome mix by Montez?

Me: Duh, why wouldn't I?

Friend: Well, it was so good, it broke my ipod...

Me: Apple users...
by DerpyGuy123 June 9, 2012
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Montez is a man who can be childish but yet mans up when it comes to someone he really cares about. If you date a Montez, he might play games with you until he realize what you're worth to him. Once he falls in love, he'll stay to be the man of your dreams.

Montez is a very handsome guy, respectful, loving, and extremely sweet. You're lucky if you able to have sex with him. He's a beast!
Girl: I need a Montez. They seem like food people date.

Me: I already have one he's amazing. I love him!!!
by Lovelyangel1227 July 23, 2014
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Always doing hard work to get the job done. Respectful to others in any kind of way, when necessary. Doesnt take anything for granted. Never has any enemies, but wont back down for anything. Females are the speciality & at the end of the day he riding around & he getting it. Swaggg be 2 stoopid for the younginz.
Montez yo swaggg is stoopid & you got everybody on yo side, let me be in yo playbook.
by King Hogan December 10, 2012
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An out going person that's blessed with many opportunities in life and about there stuff and have something big plan for them selfs in the future also an lady's man
Damn Montez up next
by tezzy April 12, 2015
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Montez Ford is currently signed to ERW, a ROBLOX Wrestling fed, Montez is the current ERW World Heavyweight champion! Montez Has defeated people such as Shawn Michaels.
by "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt May 20, 2021
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The act of flatulence in another person's mouth, therefore leaving the victim with "butt" breath.
Dude I gave Mike a Steamy Montez while he was passed out from drinking too much. When he wakes up his mouth will taste like my butt.
by joetheyounger December 21, 2011
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A ancient form and extremely rare case of autism.
What the fuck did you just say do you have Isaac Montez or something?
by By_vramo January 4, 2019
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