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Versatile expression of confusion, annoyance, anger, boredome, or surprise, meaning may vary based on accompanying punctuation and prefix. Origins are believed to be in the internet slang used in ID Software's computer game Quake.
omblurg! the rabid hamsters escaped

blurg, im bored, lets watch the turnip channel

wtblurg... i just wasted a minute of my time reading the definition of blurg
by trx September 12, 2003
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To make worse, degrade, destroy or depreciate. (Verb). (Common in military parlance).
I wish Lundbergh wouldn't have blurged the meeting with his talk about TPS reports.
by RoLEM September 04, 2010
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When an individual blends or merges multiple thoughts, ideas or words to create a new singular thought, idea or word.
John just blurged those two words together and made a new word.
by jmuraz April 25, 2010
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n. A great story contributed to a website that collects great stories. It is an acronym for Blog UR Greatest Stories.

v. the the act of contributing a great story to a website that collects great stories.
n. I read some blurgs that were so funny, beer shot out of my nose.

v. I saw a guy get set on fire at a gas station today - AND I GOT PICTURES - so I am going to blurg it for the world when I get home.
by Zega May 09, 2007
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Noun, a small little known organ in the human body, located slightly medial and dorsal to the vermiform appendix, also referred to as the "love muffin."
Ouch! You've stepped upon my blurg! It's now bleeding profusely. I must find the strength to roller-blade to the hospital!
by Mogs December 14, 2003
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A blog updated with short blurbs about random content. Usually contains numerous links to current web phenomenon, such as HTML-eating robots. Origin of word is thought to be a combination blog and "blah" and "ugh."
Did you see the latest blurg on
by Joseph Robertson December 08, 2003
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