a substitute for ‘fucking’ in a sentence.
i’m so blupping tired.
merry blupping christmas!
by itsyaboik June 29, 2018
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The sound you make when you shoot fireballs as Fire Mario during Super Mario Brothers for the NES
Mario raced towards the end of world 1-1 and some Goombas ran up on him, fortunately he snagged the Fire flower earlier in the level and took them out with a blup blup
by MrSteve1337 September 10, 2009
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a word used when something is good
when some one goes to a rave and a song they like comes on the crowd screams "BLUP BLUP"
by ticks February 14, 2005
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Expression of respect and appreciation best used loudly with accompanying hand gestures
I see dat ting boi, blup!
by Tom and Nai October 23, 2004
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blup blup blup (help im literally fish) blup blup
by rotttttttt June 6, 2023
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When an animal other than a dog or cat sticks its tongue out for an extended period of time. Cats blep and dogs blop. Not to be confused with mlem.
by Alie rawr May 15, 2019
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to be on that bull shit , not doin somethin that you should be doin.
ay ima hit u back in 5 min. 30 mins later man y aint u hit me up u on that blup
by www.myspace.com/eastl May 7, 2009
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