A gigantic shit that completely fills the toilet and stinks to high hell
So the other day I went to the Polish deli and got one of their big meat sandwiches. This morning I took a big Polish blunter.
by Blunter bob February 4, 2016
adjective- Full of blunts, blunt-like.
This is a rather blunterful day.
by jperky August 7, 2010
To passively insert an object, usually a 1954 characiture of Bing Crosby into the Vagina or anus
Ewww your phone looks Bluntered
by Greg Penningsworth July 29, 2011
One who smokes many blunts and is very skilled at the task of blunt smoking. Often pronounced in a British accent.
Did you see that hit he just took? That my friends is a G Blunter if I've ever seen one.
by Gblunter December 9, 2008