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According to 107 year old Olive Riley, born in Broken Hill in 1899, blue duck was what you did when you stood up a boy you'd promised go out with.
I gave Mick the blue duck last night..
by mike rubbo July 05, 2006
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The act of sucking semen from an anus using only your nose or if it is deep enough you may use a straw and then blowing it out all over him and then licking it up.
I heard Danielle gave Tristan a blue duck last night.
by blue duck master October 07, 2011
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The blue duck is a deity that belongs to the cult religion Anatadaeism. The Blue Duck cannot be seen, heard, or felt, but he follows any follower of the religion around, he is omnipotent. His prophet, Andrew, cannot see, hear or fell him, but the evangelists of the religion believe they can hear the Blue Ducks calls, and chant to him.
Kat is a follower of the blue duck
by BLUEDUCKMAN! November 26, 2010
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