The greatest baseball team in the American League, fuck New York or Boston, thy've had thier time. Joe Carters walk-off World Series winning homerun was the highlight of the whoe AL for all its rich history. to prove they are the greatest, they shut out the New York Yankees 22-0. All i have to say is LETS GO BLUE JAYS
did you see the Blue Jays kill the yankees last night
by coolkid301 June 15, 2009
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Blue Jays are magnificent birds, native to Northern Hemisphere. They are held sacred by Native American tribes as messengers and bringers of light 💡
Boy: Did you see that Blue Jay!
Girl: Yeah! It took flight! 🌸
by Cuccigang July 18, 2018
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A marijuana cigarette rolled with both marijuana and blue lotus. The combination gives the joint a distinct and enjoyable flavour and because blue lotus often acts as an enhancer one could swear that a joint rolled with a half and half mix was fully marijuana.
I've got lotus let's roll some blue jays.
blue lotus marijuana spliff weed joint
by Elq Milq March 22, 2010
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When a bird (female) is so bad in bed the guy cant get off, leaving him with said blue balls. but this encompasses a round 2, to which the genlemen gets off neither time.
Yo, I heard his lady blue jayed him last night.
by Philo5000 & ChefCurrey August 1, 2021
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1.Birds That Kick Ass
2. Sarahh =)
3. A Baseball team...
Blue Jays Eat Bird Seeds
Sarah Is AWE Some
Baseballs are white =)
by Obe Wan August 11, 2008
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one who abuses drugs
That blue jay needs to get his life straightened out before the drugs kill him.
by your mama's mama October 28, 2008
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Signing one up for Central Columbia School District's BluejayNotify text update service, so that they are overwhelmed with annoying text messages.
Hey guys we totally blue-jayed Chris's phone! He's gotten text messages for a year! He's so pissed!
by Bob_Dylans_Mom October 7, 2011
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