Used mostly in the UK and it means the same thing as homie in the US. Likely borrowed from Bled in French slang , a word of North African origin that means country and was originally used by the French of Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian descent.
"Yo, blud, you got a fag?"
by mnaim June 18, 2021
A 'Blud Moment' is a blanket term for all intentionally bizarre situations caused by Blud^Milk.
"This post by Blud^Milk gives me AIDS!"

"Talk about a Blud Moment!"
by qwerty-u September 9, 2021
A moment where the user Blud^Milk intentionally says or creates the most mind-numbing statement.
"Yo, that post is kinda cringy... but at the same time, it seems ironic."

"Talk about a Blud Moment."
by qwerty-u September 9, 2021
When one, while sharting, puts to much pressure on thy anus. One can shart blud. Also used Oldschoo Runescape
Oh no, a red stain in my white boxers. Must've been a blud shart. Also item commonly used in Oldschool Runescape.
by Loebas January 13, 2022
A Blud clut is a trolley that contains items for the Mandem to use.
Wheel up the Blud clut
by Koreanbillyofficial November 8, 2017