Term for when smoking hookah or weed and it hits too hard.
-hey man you wanna hit some of this

-na man I'm blown
by horizonhookah December 19, 2014
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i had blue balls so i went and got blown by some chick
by Hunter January 13, 2004
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to be ashamed/embrassmed/dissapointed


highly upset or irrited or annoyed
I know you were blown, after she caught you sleepin with your ex.
by Julio January 28, 2005
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in a state of shock/disbalief/or in udder amazement a shorter way of sayin
"blown outta the water" ect
damn...when he talk me wat happend i was BLOWN..
by STICKY March 1, 2003
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To be high off cocaine.
Wanna go do some lines and get blown?
by huhnigga? December 10, 2004
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to be very high off weed
fuckkk man im fuckin blowwn doggg hahaha blown blown blown blown
by daniel pena February 12, 2010
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Notably different from the usual high, being blown is like walking on clouds. words can't really describe it. just gotta try it ya feel me.
me n my friend smoke eleven blunts to the face, and, we were blown. :)
by tom petty 420 July 25, 2009
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