1.) (n)A person who performs oral sex on command --regardless of mood, sex, or sexual orientation.
Rufus wanted a blow job so he called up his blow bitch Sally.
by helbelle75 January 6, 2008
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Jared: "Oh man, don't tell me these jokers are trying to get high off the Reddi-Wip can again."
Reggie: "Yeah, the hell with that shit. I've got a fat bag of grass we can smoke back at my place. Let's blow this bitch."
Jared: "Word to your mother."
by Nicholas D November 23, 2007
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In the south a blowed out bitch refers to a girl that has been around the block a couple of times and then again. Basically a nasty whore that sleeps with other girls boyfriends or really anyone that will sleep with them(girls, boys it doesn't matter to them). They think they are the shit, but, they are really broke, scandalous, sneakin ass bitches, that have literally been blown out.
Jane: Hey girl what's bothering you?
Tina: Well I just seen ole girl talking to my boyfriend.
Jane: Oh don't sweat that blowed out bitch she ain't shit.
Tina: Yeah I know but, I don't like her.
Jane: Me either.
by crystal420 March 6, 2007
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1. In beer pong, an expression relating to the fact that only unskilled players attempt to blow the ball out of the cup when it is "rimming around".

2. A rule that is established in beer pong to prevent any such blowing (only applicable if you are playing with a bitch that does blow).
Take that cup off the table! We're playing bitches blow!
by Jeff Ev February 20, 2006
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A woman who likes blowing a donkey then biting its dick off, and enjoys every raw fleshy she can find covered in semen
"man that bitch just bit that donkeys dick off, ya what a cum guzzling donkey blowing boner biting bitch"
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