To take something away, or ban it; to deprive a large group of people something simply because you don't like it.
A large sugary soft drink has too many calories, so in NY they bloomberged it. ban block remove prohibit
by JoezWaleZ March 21, 2013
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To throw something in the trash which is recyclable.
I couldn't carry around an empty soda can all day until I found a recycling bin, so I just had to bloomberg it.
by jacksonjohnson November 26, 2008
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Exceptionally wealthy individuals with net worths exceeding $5 billion dollars, bloombergs are typically short males characterized by "Napoleon complexes" and a belief that money can buy anything, including the mayoralty of a major American city. They display extreme arrogance, and enjoy exercising control over other people's behavior and personal freedoms in support of their own personal agendas. Generally self-centered, they often avoid dealing with important issues and focus instead on self-aggrandisement, such as ignoring the re-building the World Trade Center and focussing instead on raising real estate taxes by 18.5 per cent, bringing the Olympics to New York City, building an unneccessary sports complex on New York's West Side or replacing soft drinks with Snapple in New York City public schools. They also tend to favor using public monies to pay poor people to change their behavior, such as providing cash incentives for unwed mothers to seek pre-natal medical care and rewarding unmotivated, drug-addicted hip-hop youth to attend school. Attitudinally controlling, bloombergs oppose cigarette smoking and foods with trans-fatty acids, while displaying speech patterns punctuated with whiny voices and excessive, improper use of the word "ways," as in "we've got a long ways to go." A key indicator of a bloomberg is someone who believes that New Yorkers face greater dangers from crossing the street or smoking cigarettes than they do from another Islamo-fascist terrorist attack.
"Hey douchebag, stop trying to control my life. You're such a bloomberg."
by The Wyndbraker October 8, 2006
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Usually a reference to Micheal Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg L.P. and the current Mayor of New York City.
The say Bloomberg may still enter the 2008 race as an independent.
by nonamenoslogan January 2, 2008
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Fictional myspace character created by Tom.
See that Barry Bloomberg, he is Toms play thing and his site is maintained by admin. FACT
by myspace.admin February 12, 2007
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your stereotypical jewish classmate whose parents own the only bank that doesn't give out lollipops because they are too greedy. does not respect ANY personal space.
this kid kept punching me and calling me "leedell" . what a sam bloomberg....
by Danterrific March 31, 2017
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The former mayor of New York City who ran for President as a member of the Democratic Party to defeat Donald Trump on November 3, 2020. Mike Bloomberg chose Hillary Clinton as his running mate and Trump-Pence would’ve defeated Bloomberg-Clinton on Election night but the electoral map would’ve turned to Bloomberg if Bloomberg-Clinton were the Democratic nominees because of COVID-19. He suspended his campaign on the day after Super Tuesday for defeating Donald Trump because he knew he wouldn’t be able to reach that goal in November. He was a Democrat before 2001 and he switched back from an Independent to Democrat in 2018 and has been a Democrat since. He was a Republican from 2001-2007. He was an Independent from 2007-2018. He is sometimes known as the Democratic version of Donald Trump because both are billionaires and businessmen. As mayor of New York City, New York City has made a lot of progress since the terrible tragedy of 9/11 because of his leadership. NYC is a safe place to live. Affordable housing units have been created. Healthcare has been extended to many people. Crime rates dropped. Good jobs have been created. Salaries have been raised. Graduation rates increased.
I believe Michael Bloomberg has the ability to make a lot of progress in America like he did in New York City
by 1234567890abcdefghij August 27, 2020
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