A white person, as called by a black Jamaican. Also means the blood from a woman's period. Think of it as the Jamican version of cracker.
Bumbaclot is the more friendly version.
Raasclot is the more offensive version.
Jamican guy to a white guy: Yes Bloodclot, whatta gwan?
Me before I knew what it meant: (wow i'm getting called a cool name that sound's pretty 'street' that means this guy must think I'm cool too!)
by Dan1983 July 24, 2006
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an aussie slang term for someone with red hair. similar to bluey. also an awesome song by rancid
"that bloodclot better put on some serious sunblock" "now my guns are blazing, bloodclot i can see 360"
by Your name here! dude!!! August 9, 2006
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Jamaican/Rastafarian derogetory term used in describing a male homosexual.
"Dem bloodclot faggots shall be stamped out by Jah."
by BlackLungFever May 25, 2005
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Used in same vernacular as Fucktard. It means the person being spoken about should have been a miscarriage, hence the bloodclot.
Those guys are a bunch of bloodclots. When talking about the fucktarded people you have to work with.
by Msbase November 22, 2019
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the act of going down on your girl when flow is in da house
whodi was a bitch and ate it raw nice bloodclot in the teeth....
by gump November 25, 2002
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When you receive a bloodclot in any of your main arteries a serious heart condition or death can occur.
If you suspect a bloodclot see your doctor immediately.
Hey that man has a bloodclot in his heart.
by Bomba-clat, Rasta-Clat October 29, 2004
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bloodclot a jamaican swear word which can also mean the same thing as holy shit in some situations
e.g a car explodes holy shit (bloodclot) it has more than one meening
by demzs December 9, 2009
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