1. v. To insert a joint that is fat enough to be compared to a blunt, or a short blunt that can be compared to a joint aka a "bloint" into the hole at the bottom of the bong bowl and proceeding to smoke. "Bloinging" or "bloingin'" as it is referred to is often the most enjoyable way to finish off a bloint without getting burned. Bloint + Bong = Bloingin'
"Man, this bloint is getting short, I'll put that shit in the bong and bloing it up!"
by king_bloint_420 August 01, 2008
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Nickname for Bloomington-Normal, the location of Illinois State University (Normal) and Illinois Wesleyan (Bloomington) as well as Heartland CC.
Blo No is the locale of some crunk ass women.
by lobstercrab December 24, 2006
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Buffalo, where all the hard core gangstas roll
I was cruisin in my drop top down the fruit belt in BLo and I gots my ride shot on
by brian March 23, 2005
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Blo is another name for hashish hash which is cannabis resin.
Have you got any blo for sale? i'm dying for a joint.
by Glenn W June 28, 2005
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Someone who is usually a huge douchebag and is terrible at literally everything.
by Kthen May 04, 2016
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begin lower orbit

dive down between somebodies legs and begin fellatio or cunnilingus.
i'm gonna blo you now.
errr... what?
nevermind. just bend back and enjoy.
by manatee January 31, 2005
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