Any type of jewelry, notably the expensive type. Named from the "bling" sound when light shines off of jewelry in a motion picture or cartoon. Coined by heavy use in lyrics by rapper Lil Wayne.
I visited Jakob the Jeweler and bought me some bling to wear to the club tonite.
by djcavant May 26, 2006
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Proof that wealth can't buy class.
I gotta get into the fake jewelry business, all the retards buying bling I'll never go broke.
by Sam is a Dick October 25, 2006
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Kind of like swag, but less badass. A person who has bling is cool, awesome and kinda cute
Wombats have more bling than bats
by Hahaha2013 February 26, 2013
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jewerly of the hip hop culture
that bling... is too shiny... my eyes... burn!!!
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
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Ill gotten gains. Expensive jewellery obtained by inflicting pain and suffering on others.
Mah bling I got ba fuckin' up yo poor crackheads' lives.
by greg rivers December 30, 2005
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As of 2007, commonly used to designate expensive new compact electronic accessories. Best examples are: 1) small, feature-packed cell phones. 2) small, high-megapixel digital cameras with huge RAM and bright LCD displays. 3) High-end MP3/video players.
Hey, keep an eye on my blings while I go for a swim.
by DJ Spacy-G July 24, 2007
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Joe: Yo son, you got any bling?
Tom: Ye boss, come round ere'
by Paul thomas jr November 23, 2006
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