When the Male is Taking a shit and the girl/other guy sucks his dick
Bob:I have to take a shit
Kirsten:can i suck your dick when you take a shit?
Bob: yes of course you can give me a blimp.
by suck my fucking 12 meter peter January 17, 2010

Infinitive to blimp

Third person singular blimps

Simple past blimped

Past participle blimped

Present participle blimping

1. to upstage a public event using highly visible displays in order to undermine or diminish the event's intended purpose.
In 2009, supporters of Ron Paul blimped his competitors during numerous outdoor events. President Paul has always denied any responsibility for the blimping of his competitors, who remained bitter about the events of the campaign for many years after the election. The techniques has been used in elections since 2009, and now even celebrities often blimp events to gain audience share.
by TheOneLaw December 15, 2007
A person who is stupid or is acting silly
Ezi bor stop being such a blimp
by Bigman2123 October 27, 2019
a buffet blimp is a large person who dines at a "eat all you want style restaurant"
Don't look now but the "buffet blimp" is taking all the mashed potatoes and gravy. I hope she leaves enough for me!
by Mama Geri March 12, 2006
Merging of "Blumpkin" and "Golden Shower" whereas the receiving party is deficating into a toilet while being given oral sex AND an additional party is urinating on said oral sexer.
(AA Meeting)

Shannon: "So Gary, when did you know you had hit rock bottom?"
Gary: "Well, you know Shannon, truck stops can be dens of pure debaucery. After downing half a dozen 40s of King Cobra, I found myself in a men's stall face first in a long hauler's hollar. The smell was putrid and of course I couldn't breathe through my mouth, lol! As he was near climax, another driver joined us in the stall and relieved himself on me. Yeah, pretty much dosen't get much lower there."
Shannon: "Wow, never thought I'd meet someone that actually had the uh, luck? of experiencing a golden blimp!"
by Boss_ASU February 23, 2011
Noun. A person who spends the night at your place and doesn’t leave easily in the morning despite all the obvious signs
Help! I’ve got a stage 9 blimp hangar this morning!
by jjsmith02 June 4, 2019