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an exclamation to convey mild surprise - derived from ye olde english term 'blimey'
'my grandmother just fell down a well in Barnsley'
by shannieru August 17, 2007
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Blime is phat with a B, A child of the word sublime, only without being merely subservient or below a lime. No this word is greater then limes, It's neither green nor something you can place in your beer. How is something greater then lime you ask? because blime is your beer. Its your phresh salad, or new kicks, its the fanny pack resting delicately above your waist holding illegal substances that can only be... blime. Blime is a word used to describe anything that its regarded as phat, gnarly or cool duuude.
"Bro check out those dudes nikes!"
"Bro those kicks are blime"

"Lets sesh bro"
"Bro that sounds like a blime idea indeed"

"man you heard bout this word blime"
"Yeh man its pretty blime aye"
"totally blime..."
by BlimeOGdankKushBerry July 24, 2015
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Short for bud light lime. A refreshing beverage best enjoyed chilled while chillin with your peeps in the sun.
Yo dude, nice call on bringing the icey cold blimes. Can you hook a brother with another?
by Kid Dundalk May 22, 2009
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A lucious citrus fruit which flourishes in tropical areas, particularly in south east Madagascar and on the island of Fiji, Tradionally used in native drinks, The blimes have recently been adopted by smoothie stores who combine blimes and limes and call the drink "Blimey Limey"
Yo, you tryin to go try that new blime smoothie?
by Edward Cunningham September 27, 2007
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