break; chance; the inability to catch a break.
"Damnit Johnson, i just cant get no bligh."

"Me cant get no bligh"

Wifey is breaking your balls = "Dave, i just can NOT get any bligh from this bitch"
by tha specialist January 24, 2005
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(int.) A speech-impedimentary way of saying bye. Spelt 'bligh' in recognition of Captain Bligh, famously mutinied mariner.
'Bligh!' said Michael Howard, forgotten but not gone.
by anycon September 18, 2005
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1. An adult to acts like a child, for example, phoning their parents when being mocke by someone, crying when things don't go her way, sulking when not the center of attention.

2. Larger, scarier family of aforementioned wimp, who WILL break your legs.

3. Younger, infinitly cooler cousin of afforementioned wimp, who has hot friends.
1. "She got her dad to phone in and complain again. Fucking bligh"

2. "Call an ambulance, those blighs got me good"

3. hell, I don't know
by John the happy black man April 16, 2005
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1. The current premier of Queensland, Australia since 2007, and possibly the worst.

2. Giving women a bad name.

3. To sell other peoples' belongings without their knowledge.

4. A labor party puppet.

5. A 59 year old woman who thinks she knows what she's doing, when she's actually making a mess of everything she touches.

After Peter Beattie quit mid-term, Anna Bligh took over the position with no say from the public. She became the first female premier in Australia. She got some stuff done, and called an early election in 2009. After she was elected it was obvious that she was either a puppet or an evil mastermind.

She hasn't kept any of her promises, hid her plans from the public, fluoridated water supplies, sold off assets (privatization) and generally ruined Queensland.

Selling assets is one of the worst things to happen to Queensland. For example, selling off the power company made bills rise by hundreds. She also plans to sell of the forests - that can't end well.

Also shortened to Bligh.
Bob: My wife just sold off my watch without me knowing!
Bill: Dude, she pulled a total Anna Bligh.

"See Queensland before Bligh sells it"
by SmartStateNoMore January 5, 2010
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HOTTIE is one thing i can say about her, she can be shy but after you get to know her you can never control her. She is loving and caring but if she doent like you, you bet her friends dont like you either. Even though she doesnt see it she looks AWESOME in pictures. oh my GOSH, she is awesome.
taylor bligh is as not dirtty minded as a stripper rolling in dirt
by boompowgunman December 8, 2021
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