A replacement for "he, she" in the case of someone not wishing to be referred to as he or she. Also works for the replacement of him or her as blem.

Original credit to Lyle McDouchebag (Twitch.tv, 2014-03-04)
"Blee was my friend before. But ever since blee referred to me as "he", I have been denying the existence of blem."
by bigmak93 March 04, 2014
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Used often. . . by me, anyway. . . as an espression of great joy, great exasperation, as a substitute for cursing. . . pretty much an all-purpose term of strong emotion.
Usually a one-word exclamation.
by Naia Zifu March 17, 2004
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Used in the same context as "ew!", "yuck!" or "gic!"
Girl 1: sooo... do you think he's HAWWT?
Girl 2: NO WAY! Ick! Bleeeeeeeeeeeeee!
by Jishular May 21, 2005
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Pronoun: If someone isn't comfortable with He or She, you MUST refer to them as their preferred pronoun, one of which being Blee.
Dude1: He was really going wild last night.

Dude(?)2: I believe you mean, Blee was... It's the 21st century!
by The Foaming Vagoo March 06, 2014
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Definition: One cool dude who keeps it loose and light and knows how to treat the ladies right
Dude1 "I can't beleive we couldn't get those chics numbers!"

Dude2 "Yeah, BLee would have got the job done if he had been here."
by G-low December 20, 2004
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A not-entirely onomatopoeic word to describe the act of vomiting, usually as an instantaneous reaction to a piece of particularly unpleasant information.

This word was propagated in the 80's and 90's by the seminal 'Smash Hits' magazine in the UK

The word ends in an indefinite number of e's and exclamation marks, in direct proportion to the disgustingness of the preceding idea.
"Here's a cut-out-'n'-keep picture of Wendy James and her hairy legs. Blee!"

"Oh no. George Michael's about to be sick in his cowboy boots. Bleeeeee!!!"
by pudswoods August 09, 2006
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