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an r'n b group, had a song on the Bring It On - motion picture soundtrack. has cooperated with N'sync, 50 Cent etc.
"blaque ft. N'sync - Bring it all to me"
by diamond princess January 2, 2004
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another form of black (as in African-American)
The blaque guy we just saw was smuggin.
by bodybaby December 26, 2003
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A handsome man. Hes very loyal and cares alot. Though he doesnt like to be touched like hugs or kisses hes very sweet. Hes funny and immature sometimes. He loves attention and loves to give attention and it hurts him sometimes when he gets ignored by the person he cares for the most. He is charismatic and loves learning new things. He loves trying new things too. He is spontaneous and unpredictable but on a good way.
Random girl: hey i think your cute
Blaque: thanks im flattered but im taken
by Core_Life-Amazing273 February 14, 2020
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That awesome R&B girl trio from the 90’s

Dark matter, the source of all power in the universe

To bolden or add color. The phenomenon of hue variation to express denser vibration or even a complete blackening.
The grand multiverse we live in is all made of blaque
by Chief Lotsadough April 22, 2022
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