the epitome of style. Referring to any and all things that can be categorized by having black as the background color and, again, black as the accent color.
Thug 1: Hey mane, you see that caddy roll by a few minutes ago?
Thug 2: shit mane, you talking about that black on black? that shit's dope. im a try and steal it.
by jfra February 19, 2007
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When a black person fights, shoots, or do any type of harm towards another black person.
Bruh that black on black was messy. Blood EVERYWHERE!!!
by xFrqity December 14, 2019
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When a girl wears a black swim suit top and black swimsuit bottoms it means she is down to fuck. It's a girls way of saying guys should come talk to her and she's horney
"that girl is wearing a black on black bikini, she must be down to fuck."
by Kenzi.princesss July 04, 2017
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Black people disliking or not accepting other black people for not sharing a common belief or upholding to a common standard of blackness
Eli : Your so white you live in the suburbs

Tray: that's black on black racism
by Gesus Davis July 19, 2017
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A racial slur for a black man driving a fancy, expensive black car (black Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc.)
"Cops pulled him over just for driving black on black!"
by Aurilla August 04, 2006
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