A description of a blunt being typed on a work computer that may be keylogging.
Gabe: Let's smoke a blunt later
Mike: Don't talk about weed to me when I'm at work someone might be watching.
Gabe: OK, Wanna smoke a blant later?
by naggernensky May 14, 2009
To be boring, blank, usless, stupid, pointless.
"That christmas party was blant"

^ Referring to as 'The Christmas party was boring, or a waste of time.'
by Gigaman June 20, 2005
A web log (blog)entry that is used to complain about something (rant).
I'm going to write a blant about the amount of penguin movies there are.
by Megadecimal May 30, 2007
An adjective to describe the emotion of sadness.

Synonym to: Sad, depressing/ed, and other spectrums of sad feelings.
I feel so blant today because my girlfriend broke up with me.
by Satan's left earlope June 21, 2017
“omg grace don’t be blanting”
“that’s so blant
by hangran:) November 8, 2019
N. A blunt (marijuana rolled cigar)

Pronounced Bah-lant with stress on the (ah) similiar to the noise a sheep makes.
Person 1: I'm about to blaze this blunt.

Foreigner 1: You mean to say you are smoking thee blant.
by hkhk December 28, 2007