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A description of a blunt being typed on a work computer that may be keylogging.
Gabe: Let's smoke a blunt later
Mike: Don't talk about weed to me when I'm at work someone might be watching.
Gabe: OK, Wanna smoke a blant later?
by naggernensky May 14, 2009

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Black knees belong to women who meet random strangers in places of gathering (i.e. restaurant or nightclub) and proceed to give them blowjobs.
Jenny: She was blowing some dude in the bathroom at the club.
Mike: Explains why she in the club with a white dress and black knees.
by naggernensky May 16, 2009

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an extension to anything said when discussing plans while you are intoxicated or high.
Gabe: Let's go smoke a blantdiddydo.
Mike: No doubt. Lemme go hop in the whipdiddydo I'll pick up the dutchdiddydo.
by naggernensky May 15, 2009

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a slang term for oh shit, fuck, what the fuck, thats fucked up, or you just got slapped.
Mike: I just found out my ex-gf cheated on me with 2 dudes and I've been having unprotected sex with her for 6 months.
Gabe: BAQ!
by naggernensky May 15, 2009

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