blang blang is a term that is used to describe a style or aesthetic that emphasizes simplicity, authenticity, and natural beauty. It is often associated with a minimalistic approach that makes effective use of available resources and avoids excess or waste. In contrast to the flashy and often over-the-top style of bling bling, which values ostentatious displays of wealth and extravagance, blang blang values raw, unadorned beauty and is sometimes compared to the Japanese concept of “mottainai,” which emphasizes the importance of avoiding waste and making the most of what one has.
The new restaurant is blang blang - exposed brick walls and wooden tables, raw beauty of the space.
by joe_halo April 11, 2023
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the opposite of bling bling,to,describe something uncool,badly dressed,poor performance,bad quality etc...
Damn that new album i bought is blang blang,cheap gold for srotters
by Bladedaddy September 23, 2005
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If something is blang blang, it's not really ballin at all, it's silly, cheesy, or trying too hard. Often used in reference to ghetto people trying to be ballers. Cheap rims, fake jewelry, off-brand gangster clothes are all blang blang. Also can be used sarcastically to refer to one's own lack of blingness.

Usually it's said by itself, not in a sentence. Upon seeing or hearing something, one will say blang blang.
Keisha: Gurrrl!!! I'm a balla wit mah new mexi-tint for mah car and mah new JC Penney street clothes!!
Friend: BLANG BLANG!!!
by Mala Kaigoldberg December 19, 2008
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A wet blanket. Someone who doesnt embrace life.
brock: hey man is stash coming out tonight?

kelly: nah he's at home studying

brock: ahh man what a wetty blang blang
by bchunk May 5, 2011
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Phrase commonly used by angery negros.

Threat of death by instrument commonly tucked under nuts; pertains to no specific race; often used by white people who watch a lot of BET.
Blang blang mutha fuaka I\'m bout to cap yo\' dumb punk bitch shit ass nigga!
by XshadowsX April 27, 2005
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