v. the act of firing at anything that moves with high-powered firearms, even if the target happens to be a slow-moving vehicle full of innocent civilians; to be utterly unconcerned about the loss of human life while engaging in highly questionable behavior.
Damn, that street gang just blackwatered that poor family.
by epiclulz October 19, 2007
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Getting (or hiring) a friend to play for you in a videogame to improve your ranking and/or reach the next level.
Dude, can you Blackwater for me so I can get to the next level?

John's going to Blackwater a few rounds for me to improve my ranking.
by Kellehendros October 18, 2007
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1) Chad Kroeger says that Blackwater, his custom-built Les Paul guitar, has a ghost Piezo pickup that makes it sound like an acoustic guitar, and there are parts that he uses when they get into the rockier songs.

2) While I came up with some clever names for Chad's guitar, (my names didn't have the words "black" or "dark" in the titles), Blackwater received the most votes.
by chad'srockergrrrll November 05, 2010
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Blackwater means any drink that are black colored other than water. Like Coffee, Tea, coke....etc.
Chris: Hey Jack! Do you want water?
Jack: No thanks, Do you have blackwater?
Someone: of course what you want?
Jack: Coffee.
Someone: Ok.
by ash_awesome July 27, 2009
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One of the greatest albums by one of the great modern bands, Opeth. Combine screaming death metal riffs and growling vocals with softer acoustic passages to create a very unique, truly amazing sound.
Some good songs off of it are Bleak, Blackwater Park, the Leper Affinity, and the Drapery Falls.
If you are a fan of good music, you should definetly give them a listen.
They may be labeled "Swedish progressive death metal" or some shit like that, but damn, Blackwater Park kicks so much ass!
by rush8192 November 06, 2005
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A social class created by young, inexperienced mercenaries and security contractors. These temporarily wealthy individuals usually buy expensive military equipment/weapons or extravagant vacations. Neither of which are proportionate with their skill set or true earning power.
"Nigger Rich" buys a gold plated Desert Eagle and takes his vacations in Atlanta.

"Blackwater Rich" buys 2 camo-painted, .50 caliber sniper rifles, and owns a penthouse suite in Bangkok.
by Lonely Roamer January 08, 2009
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To transfer into the private sector after a career in public service. Derives from the private security firm Blackwater, which is largely staffed by ex-military personnel.
Law Student #1: I just got a job at Dewie, Cheatam, & Howe!
Law Student #2: I thought you were working for the ACLU.
LS #1: Nah, man. Too much debt. I had to go Blackwater.
by Syjel Var February 10, 2010
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