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A blackpacker is an impressionable black metal fan (see black emtal) who travels from abroad to Norway in order to hang out in places where famous black metal musicians hang out too only to be horrified to see that the black metal musisicans in question
a. do not actually still burn churches
b. don't only listen to black metal
c. don't carry any medaeval weapons
d. do not wear corpse paint when they go out for drinks
e. do not side into one tribe that worships Varg Vikernes and one that worships Euronymous
f. are not invariably blonde and blue-eyed but with black hair-dye
g. think Varg Vikernes is a sefl-sufficient wanker
h. are actually pretty normal people with normal jobs who do not go around killing goats for satan or worship at Odin's altar
i. are told to fuck off and get a life.

Blackpackers come from all over the world but are more often than not American, Canadian, Italian, French and German.

Blackpackers are a nuissance in Oslo and Bergen's bars, thankfully they are a dying breed as many of the places where black metallers go to (eg. So What, Helvete, M.A.R.S) do not exist any more (probably because of them).
That moron came back from Norway crying because he met Fenriz from Darthrone who was wearing brown leather trousers and DJing obscure Italian lounge music.

Tell that blackpacker to take his lame corpsepaint off, we can tell he's American from a mile away.
by Berthelsen January 25, 2008
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