Mat Musto, or better known as blackbear, is an american hip-hop recording artist, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Los Angelis California. He is associated with G-eazy, Mike Posner, Mod Sun, and (sadly) Jacob Sartorius. Bear is best known for his two songs 'Idfc' and 'Dirty Laundry' off album Deadroses. He's all in all a great person. he's beautiful and knows what true talent is. he's the most talented upcoming artist out there.
girl: "i'm in love with everything blackbear does. have you heard his most recent album, digital druglord ?"

friend: "well, duh. it's only like- the best album of 2017."
by modsunbabybear July 7, 2017
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someone who flirts with everyone as if they are actual sluts but doesn't actually put out to any of them.
She is totally flirting with my boyfriend, but I'm not too worried because she is such a blackbear.
by shaghi May 18, 2011
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One of the best singers ever. Check his music out if you want. He’s such a genuine person!
Person 1: “wow this is a good song!” Person 2: “I know right?! It’s by Blackbear.”
by Jizznica July 31, 2018
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