To speak in a dumbed down version of english, using words such as, Fo for the word For, Da for the word The, and dis for the word This. Usually used by those too lazy to even speak.
I went to da house to pick up da weed.
Fo real? Dis weed da shit.
Yeah, best part is, dem cracka cops dont understand Blackanese.
by Useless Utensile December 03, 2008
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A man/women of of half African/Black and half Vietnamese decent, also see Blasian
'What IS your race exactly?'
'O' I'm Blackanese'
by AfroJew April 26, 2010
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also known az ebonics the strange words u may hear in the ghetto or in sum rele crappy rap song!
"wutz crack-a-lackin fool?" "wtf did he just say i dont speak blackanese!"
by elaina July 18, 2004
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The language spoken by colored folk to coverse with eachother. You might hear blackanese when visiting the ghetto.
some examples are-
fo sheezy mah neezy
fo shizzle mah nizzle
biznatch fo shiznatch
rizzle up some bizzles an' lets sizzle some pizzle
by mr. johnny February 29, 2004
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