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UK army regiment from Perthshire sent into Iraq "triangle of death" as an aid to American troops in the region. This is in the effort to take control of Fallujah, the only city in Iraq remaining under rebel control.
Three soldiers from the Black Watch were killed by a suicide bomber today.
by brendan November 05, 2004
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Blackwatch is a group of pseudointellectual trolls, first forming in World of Warcraft and holding a presence in several online gaming communities.

The group espouses a particular agenda, emphasizing the need for detachment and disidentification in people. Through this, they justify their inflammatory actions, although many members troll simply for amusement.
Blackwatch gained moderate renown after launching a slander campaign against a World of Warcraft player; the libel would be debunked, associating the group with guilds like Serenity Now and granting it an enormous amount of infamy.

The group would later feign a member's real life death, eliciting sympathy from the World of Warcraft community. This would also be debunked as deception.
by Aeranlaes September 20, 2008
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A once-illustrious British Army regiment from Perthshire. After serving valiantly in the first and second World Wars, they went on to kill civilians and "terrorists" indiscriminately in Ireland's northern six counties, which were (and still are) under British occupation.
There's another regiment the devil calls his own: they're known as the Black Watch, commissioned by the throne.
by Fern, Defender of Trees May 28, 2009
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It's completely bad luck for a person with the name Steve, Stephen, Stevie, etc., to wear or own a black face watch. On the contrary, it is absolute good luck for a person with the name Rebecca, Becky, Becka, etc., to own or possess a black face watch. The good luck is greatly increased if a person named Steve, Stephen, Stevie, etc., gifts the person named Rebecca, Becky, Becka, etc., with black face watch.
by Witty white girl July 19, 2018
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