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A person that ruins another persons' hopes, dreams,ideas or good moods by being pessimistic and having a negative attitude.
Girl 1: I told Jay I was going to Hawaii.

Girl 2: What did he say?

Girl 1: That I was wasting my time and money because I would get sun burned right away and be miserable for the rest of trip.

Girl 2: I will make sure to tell that black cloud you said ALOHA!
by jennkas June 18, 2008
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The black clouds is speed or crystal meth. This is because when you do speed something bad happens so its like you have a black cloud over your head.
Dude the black clouds were over my head last night!
by Bobbyrahal April 23, 2008
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A Botnet being used as a distributed computational network that very organized hackers, crime rings, or small governments could use to have massive parallel computing power at the ready.

Used to provide the large amount of computing power necessary to crack complex passwords and encryption keys.
"The hacktivist group used their black cloud to crack the organization's network passwords."
by Ar7is7 January 23, 2012
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omfgz0rz teh gay lub0r
BlackCloud stop fingering my anus... or at least use lube
by Jungizzle_Munkizzle October 05, 2003
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