the term to call
someone stupid or an insult
and or saying a guys got a little dick
hey dude your bite sized at this shit
hey your dick bite sized
by Michelle Mawyin November 24, 2007
Someone who is small and tiny, is often known as "bite-size"
Grass, you are like...bite-size
by breadfromNYC May 9, 2011
A friend that you enjoy hanging out with, but only for so long at a time. See also: frenemy
Andrew is a great guy, but I like him more as a bite-size buddy - he's been on our couch for like, four days now.
by _alexey September 28, 2014
A female that is petite and attractive
*A tiny, cute girl walks into the bar*
Damn dude she’s lookin like a bite sized snack
by urbansplatt July 27, 2019
a younger version of a twinkie
sloot bitch and airhead in training
pre-teen aged.. 9-12
wears releaving clothing and pretends to have breasts
aspires to be a sloot
ok there is NO WAY those bite-sized twinkies should be wearing that much makeup... they're like 9!
by Sunshine December 15, 2004