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1.When two bitches use their instinct and jealosy skills to bitch at eachother like fucking loosers. All because of gossip.

2.great form of entertainment
There was a bitch-off between jane and regina because jane spread the word of regina getting fingered by her boyfriend tom. It was an awesome show.
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An insulting phrase used with the intention of displeasing the recipient, or as a way of expressing disbelief. Usually used as an alternate phrase to the commonly used 'f*ck off'.
When used, this phrase creates maximum impact, and is only used by the elite.
I pinched Chris so he flicked my face and i was not happy. So i said "Oh please, just bitch off."
by Charlotteyaaaaa January 27, 2009
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A face off of either man or women (usually woman) that is the prequel to a fight/cat fight. Both opposing parties have a reputation of being a "bitch" and also bitch about anything and everything.
Jeff: Bro, Mariah and her sister are about to have a bitch-off!

Aaron: Oh damn, where the hell is my camera?!

Jeff: You should bring it, there might be hair/clothes ripping!
by xSPECKLEDORFX April 21, 2010
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