A name referring to someone who is a bitch, but has nice tits.
boy: at McDonalds drive thru "do you want anything?"
girlfriend: "no thanks"
*he gets his food*
girlfriend: "omg i can't believe you didn't get me any food"
boy: "ok bitchtits"
by weeb2222 September 06, 2020
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Bitchtits are breasts grown on men who are obese and or suffer from low testosterone.
Amos has got some fat saggy bitchtits underneath his ill fitting tee-shirt.
by HeyMzTFNY April 21, 2021
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1. A derogatory name for a friend who has achieved ultimate failure. The phrase is often accompanied by a disappointed look and facepalm and/or head shake.

2. It may also be supplied in a command.
1. Rachel - "Omg! Did you know July 4th is the Fourth of July????"

Tyler - "Oh Bitchtits... *facepalm* just... just no."

2. Travis - "Yo Bitchtits, Grab me a soda!"

Brandon - "Ok!"
by sweetsighlullaby September 20, 2012
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Nickname occasionally given to overweight males because of their large breasts.
Bitchtits was late to the party last night because his fat ass was too busy eating to get there on time.
by Jackson! December 01, 2003
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what happens when weightlifters/bodybuilders take too much steriods - big, womanly breasts.
by James September 10, 2003
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