the thing you say to your partner that makes them go off when everything was fine right before you said your idiot remark.
"we were talking about what happened in our day and then i said, 'yeah, i noticed you didn't do the dishes.' i totally flipped the bitch switch and he went off on me for hours."
by ubergirl October 20, 2005
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A protective mechanism that disengages the brain when subjected to sustained verbal abuse.
Hey, the boss may have mentioned the project - but it must have been after my bitch switch had tripped during one of his hour-long tirades.
by mynah1 June 01, 2009
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a term used when college professors switch the overhead slide before anyone can take down notes. Especially when it is important.
Mrs. Yoder is a bitch switch
by Cherry Jazz October 17, 2005
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The switch that changes individuals, namely women, into an irrational, emotional rage.
She was cool, until her boyfriend looked at another woman and flipped her bitch switch.
by Curtis Meyer March 25, 2008
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when a girl(or perhaps a boy) suddenly becomes angry or mean for no appearant reason.
Bill:What the heck. Kelly just yelled at me randomly. she was happy 5 seconds ago.
Tim:Serious bitch switch
by LeoGeo October 28, 2010
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The word/phrase, action, or topic that makes a girl act like a bitch.
Kate really flipped Elayna's bitch switch when she brought up last year's Homecoming dance.
by Proud Boyfriend September 17, 2010
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