money, usually 1s

made from combing single with bills.
yo dude just throw me some bingles for the case and we'll be even.
by CrispyC July 01, 2009
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used to describe something incredibly:
1) good.
2) fun.
3) sexually attractive.
1) This cocktail is SO bingles!

2) I had such a bingles time today!

3) You are SO bingles girlfriend! ding. dong.
by wolfman102 April 26, 2011
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To be got, hoodwinked, run amok, bamboozled in an obvious way, pwned, or otherwise yeeted in the manner of Zook Bingler, Esq.
John: You wouldn't believe what happened to me last night! I was getting out of the shower when Warren threw a pie in my face!

Tom: Oh man sounds like you got bingled!

John: Well if you think I was bingled just consider the top post of this definition and how absolutely bingled they got with this absolutely chonking galaxy brain answer to the question of what it is to be fully, completely, thoroughly, entirely, indubitably bingled with a side of chonkchonk and trank!
by jerrytom April 06, 2021
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A car crash. Used in eastern-states Australia.
"Heard you got into a bit of a bingle the other day."
"Yes, I did. Luckily, only three of her kids died."
by Black-Velvet November 18, 2008
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n. an overwhelming sensation of love and affection towards someoene or something, a state of uwu n being super soft towards every action the other person does

v. sending someone all your love or to show someone that you only think of them n adore them no matter what
hala said to her undying love towards ahad, "you are the cutest bingle bean I've ever met n no matter what I will always bingle you"

ahad, was in an state of uwu n bingle
by bingle bean December 17, 2018
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Short form of Bing + Google (to search the Internet)
Don't Bingle goatse, or you may never get the images out of your brain.
by dlairman April 02, 2016
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