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A bingler is a small creature that feeds on garden variety plant life. They eat flower petals and excrete a substance known as 'Bingler Jelly' which tastes good to the average person. To harvest bingler jelly a person must catch a bingler, avoid the fangs and queeze tightly. Binglers tend to ruin gardens and are sometimes referred to as 'Shit disturbers' for doing so. Recently, in popular media, The term bingler is used whenver someone is being inconvenient or 'Disturbing your shit'.
I was about to get this girl in bed at the party last night but Tom pulled a serious cock block. Hes such a bingler.
by Bingled June 18, 2009
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A teenage male in the constant and futile pursuit of sexual encounters with one or more women. Often a bingler will leave his friends to follow a particularly unintelligent female wherever she goes.

One who commences the act of "Bingling."
"Hey, where is Max? We're supposed to practice."

"Hes hanging out with Caitlin."

"That guy is such a fucking bingler."
by James McBasket March 14, 2010
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A sick ass dude with a fat cock. If you give him a few drinks, he will steal your girlfriends heart. Absolute Prince Charming to the max. Not only is he a lover, but a fighter. A man that turns down no fades. A man with a lot of nicknames and loves sea creatures, mainly squids. Often has a love for older Latina women. Especially housekeepers.
Dude Bingler was out of control! He stole Bobs girl friend and
by B3ttyB May 03, 2017
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