The nasty liquid at the bottom of a garbage barrel that smells like curdled milk and feces. Usually brownish in color and has a tendency to drip on one's feet.
Michelle and Briana: *Throw garbage into dumpster*

Michelle: Ahhh! Bin juice!
by shesaidshesaid July 18, 2011
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the liquid that comes out of the vagina on the last few days of a woman's period. it's name was given by the smell and look of this fluid.
bin juice
by h1008h August 21, 2008
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The Australian College cheap party drink. Most commonly made up of goon (cheap cask wine), cheap vodka, fruit juice and soft drink
"I got smashed on bin juice last night. Can't wait to do it again"
by goondrinker February 23, 2010
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Bin Juice is a player - usually a Rugby Player - on a team who never gets picked. They remain on the bench the entire time and somehow never find their way onto the field to play. They are the bottom of the barrel in terms of players. They are the Bin Juice.
"You reckon Mike'll get a game next week?"
"No way mate, he's total Bin Juice."

"Coach just told me I've got a lot of 'work ons'."
"Oh mate, sounds like he just crowned you King of the Bin Juice."
by Kirkheim December 6, 2020
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An insult for an absolute melt
Oh Megan... you're an absolute Bin
Oh Meg... That's some serious BinJuice

Oh Meg... Your Such BinJuice
by TurboPazzaKerbo June 12, 2018
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