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A a popular brand of Mexican bread with a cute little bear used as advertising. Mexico's Pillsbury Doughboy.
you quiero pan bimbo!
by Puffin October 12, 2005

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1. Radioactive Man's sidekick on "The Simpsons".
2. The wrong way to spell the name of the Chicago band, "Fall Out Boy". Usually mispelled by haters and posers.
Fallout boy is actually played by Milhouse!
by Puffin October 03, 2005

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When a woman goes lesbian for another female then goes heterosexual and leaves the female for another man.
Girl 1: So what happened to you and Melissa?

Girl 2: Oh, that bitch pulled an Anne Heche on me and married some dude she met at Wal-Mart.
by Puffin August 01, 2008

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That little thingy inside your mouth that looks like a mini tounge.
I chopped off my own uvula to use it as a mini replica for my miniature human organ collection. I rule!
by Puffin May 15, 2005

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