Green day front man. Hottest guy ever!!!!! Greatest man in the universe!!!!!!
Hi billie joe lets fuck then play guitar
by Ian March 15, 2003
The sexiest damn mofo you'll ever see or hear! Plus he's in the best, most amazing band ever....GREEN DAY!?!
by xox-sock-rocker-xox March 19, 2005
The hottest coolest sexiest guy to ever walk the planet
hes the front man in the awesome band green day
Anyone who doesnt agree is a fucktard

i love billie joe soooooo much

he wears wicked clothes and eyeliner 2, but i dnt care cos it looks awesome, and i like the word awesome

best songs are(not in order):
american idiot
basket case
boulevard of broken dreams
brain stw
wake me up when september ends
oooo look its billie joe from that wicked band green day
me *screams loudly and faints*

by tara05 December 23, 2005
A very very lush man who lives under my shed.
Where's Billie Joe?
by SaRah February 5, 2003
Common name for fictional entertainers of low quality, usually on the side of the rode.

Not to be mistaken with Billie Joe Armstrong, vocalist and guitarist of the Alt. Grunge / Alt. Punk band Green Day.
Billie Joe sat on the side of the rode, face paint and all.
by Intellectual Being July 20, 2006