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a chav word, or rather it was stolen by them. often used when you agree with somthing
bob: that man is such a wanker
by tara05 November 20, 2005

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the way fucktardsspell the punk rock band Green Day. grrrrr
moron: omdz i lurveee greenday!!11
me: you are a retard, its green day!

ps: green day rock\m/
by tara05 December 31, 2005

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Green day are a punk rock band, originated in California, being going 1988 to present. Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool are the members. Their roles are front man on guitar and vocals, bass player and back up vocals and drummer respectively.Their name used to be sweet children but they changed it.Albums include Nimrod, Dookie, Kerplunk, American idiot, international super 1039/smoothed out slappy hours.Many people believe that Green day became sell-outs after releasing American idiot. That is not true. Those people are the “old green day” fans, say that its now not cool to like them because lots of people in high school do, but that’s just sad and ignorant because some fans, like me, couldn’t even walk when Dookie(1994) was released.The 1st song I heard was American idiot, I am ashamed to say that was on MTV, but it wasn’t my TV thank god.I thought wow this is a great song, so I downloaded the album and did a bit of research on the band. I downloaded their old stuff to, and its all equally awesome. I am unable to find a reason why that makes me a poser, but all you lot that do, please keep your ignorant comments to yourselves. Also, many people only like them because they see Billie Joe as “sooo hot init”, which is wrong, but I’m not denying that he’s very sexy, but he’s married with two kids! I listen for them for the music, but its totally ok to think Billie is hot. The lyrics are really meaningful, for example, in basket case.. do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything all at once. This is a phase many go through, feeling depressed but wondering what about and whether its everything or nothing, and this songs shows it in a kick ass way.
Green day rock\m/
there is no need for an example, read the actual definiton
but here are a few green day's greatest ever songs:
Basket case
having a blast
wake me up when september ends
jesus of suburbia
by tara05 January 01, 2006

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The hottest coolest sexiest guy to ever walk the planet
hes the front man in the awesome band green day
Anyone who doesnt agree is a fucktard

i love billie joe soooooo much

he wears wicked clothes and eyeliner 2, but i dnt care cos it looks awesome, and i like the word awesome

best songs are(not in order):
american idiot
basket case
boulevard of broken dreams
brain stw
wake me up when september ends
oooo look its billie joe from that wicked band green day
me *screams loudly and faints*

by tara05 December 22, 2005

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a combination of the words fucking and retard
a fucktard is basically a stupid person who is mentally challenged, conversationally challened, technologically challened etc. they lack the ability to speak properly, comment sensibly, get dressed without help etc

some examples of well known fucktards are here
George bush
Tony Blair
50 cent
by tara05 January 01, 2006

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fucking gay place where u r forced through hard work, a sucky childhood,peer pressure, exams and arguements
it will be weird but get throught it
school sucks fucking stupid life
by tara05 November 25, 2005

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see fucktard

she is a girl from canada who claims to be punk, but is just as pop as britney spears. her fan base consists of girls about 9-12 who want to try and rebel against some shit. she cannot play the guitar, she cannot sing, she cannot do much but disgrace the music industry really. AND SHE ALSO REALLY FUCKED UP WHEN SHE COVERED THE LEGENDARY SONG BASKET CASE BY GREEN DAY(WHO ROCK) HOW DARE SHE!!!
9 yr old fucktard- omg i am so punk i listen to avril lavigne she rocks
me: fuck off
*turns up basket case* BY GREEN DAY!!!!!
by tara05 January 02, 2006

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