A person who only has sex with people who ride bikes. Alternately, a person who is turned on by bikes and bike culture, specifically in a sexual way.
Not only does that hottie at the coffee shop ride a fixie, but she's totally bikesexual. I can't wait to show her my ride!
by joshuadallman July 24, 2007
To be attracted to only people who ride bikes or are involved in bicycle culture.
Man: "Want to get a drink sometime?"
Woman: "Do you ride a bike?"
Man: "I did when I was a kid, but now I ride a motorcycle."
Woman: "Sorry, I can't date you, I'm bikesexual."
by joshuadallman December 5, 2007
previously totally heterosexual male who would now rather mount his bike than a woman; usually travel in groups; wear tight spandex shorts without thinking it’s gay in the least; prefer looking at bike sites more than porn sites; not gay but not worth dating
Guy#1: "I hate getting hit on by those faggots just because I wear these bike shorts. Haven't they ever seen a bikesexual."

bicycles spandax gay men athletes
by Girlwhocycles June 6, 2010
Describing someone who enjoys performing sexual acts on a bike.
A:"so the new guy I'm seeing is definitely bikesexual"
B:"how do you know?"
A:"He propped me up against my biked and banged me"
by biked May 30, 2010
Someone who replaces a human being with a bike. A 'bikesexual' could live without any human-human sexual contact as long as they were able to ride their bike. Being denied their bike could result in several withdrawal symptoms. A 'bikesexual' could become frustrated, upset and introverted. A feeling of loneliness could also be experienced.
Bikesexual: My girlfriend's not back till late so finally we can be alone together... get ready for the ride of your life ;)
Bike: (silence)
Bikesexual: I love you too babe.
by Mina&Josh October 28, 2009
To only feel sexual desire to bicycles. This can include motorised bicycles.
God, after Chris Hughes admitted he was bikesexual the world has never been the same.
by Lolcat Eater November 4, 2008
The sexual attraction of a man towards a bike, commonly small bikes or children's bikes.

Men that are Bikesexual often have their sexuality associated as a choice or sexual preference, however it is considered a mental illness, like pedophilia or necrophilia.

Bikesexuality has never been associated with women before, and the reason for this is still unknown. However, the female gender is the only one to experience Hobosexuality (sexual attraction towards homeless people).

Men that experience Bikesexuality are often more commonly attracted to small/tiny bikes or children's bikes. This has nothing to do with pedophilia, but is believed to have something to do with the fact that men who are Bikesexual 'have a momentary lapse in brain function whenever seeing a bike, thus meaning they revert back to a child-like state, liking anything cute, shiny or small'.
Tricycles are especially appreciated in this circle of men.
Mikhail came a few times when he saw Sasha's new Barbie tricycle.

He still doesn't consider himself Bikesexual.
by Mechanical Ballerina May 18, 2009