Adjective describing a man with a large penis.
"I'm average in that department, but my friend Ben is big-dicked."
by ncguy December 08, 2007
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What every guy in the universe claims to have.
"Heard he has a big dick..."
"Yeah, i guess its contagios."
by Avatar8x8 December 30, 2009
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The term "Big Dicking" is when someone's ego is a little too big and they think they're Mr. Tough guy or "the man". They are too big for their britches so to speak. One that is big dicking is going to act like a complete douche bag that thinks he can beat anyones ass when him himself is in fact a noodle are bitch. When you're big dicking you tend to be shit talking.
Vince: "I'll kick your ass you pussy, your small as hell"

Joe: "Just because you've hit the gym for two weeks doesn't mean you can kick my ass. Seriously, quit big dicking me man.
by Martymcflyy757 March 15, 2015
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