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Big willy style is how you roll. It’s more then an attitude it’s a presents. It fills the room, it must be noticed. It’s a popular tag line for that larger then life character and lots of guys named Bill, William or Will. We all know at least one guy named “big willy”, but that guy isn’t always big willy style. Get it ?

PS – tell google to stop changing the spelling to big willie style when people search for the true meaning of big willy style. Will Smith is not the only one with rights to this phrase.
That lacrosse player just broke the defenders ankles, now that's big willy style.
by vermont802 November 17, 2015
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a term that boys with a big willy use to describe the way they act/dress/have sex.
Big willy style coming through!!
Will Smith: na na nana nana big willy style
by Bobby Lad October 04, 2006
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