lots of props. sent through a messenger, such as the radio or a friend
while I'm on the air, big ups to my hoes in long beach

big ups to mom!
by Anonymous December 06, 2001
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Word means to applause some one on a good doing, to congratulate them.
"bruv big up Jerome, his lyrics are phat innit!"

"big up to all these homies in da hood, dis party is heavy"
by MC Ricksta February 18, 2005
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(n.) - a phrase used when dealing on the street to give props or show much respect to someone/something.
Yo Son Big Upss for that game last night! You wuz Ballin'!

Big Uppsssss...To ALL MY HATERS!!!! - Shawty LO
by Z Moneyyy January 26, 2010
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A phrase mainly used to express respect or approval
Connor: Are we gonna party this weekend?
Seabass: Hell yeah we are!!
Josh: We even got the CAPRI SUNS!!!!!
Joe: Ayy!! Big Ups Mate!!
by TheRocket_12 April 19, 2020
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1. When someone needs to grow up when being a baby about something
2. When someone does something great so you congratulate them by saying big up
Oi oi Michael, good job on that presentation fam. Big up, innit
(Definition 2)
by Wobbagong May 26, 2019
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