Bushwick, Brooklyn based band oriented around the composition of NYU student Joe Galara88a.
by GoldenChone January 17, 2011
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A very large vertical jump. Usually assosiated with people of African descent.
That nigga right there has big ups.
by lazylizards8 June 05, 2006
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This means big up the boys if you all in a crowd you all shout big up the massive and everyone knows that you have arrived to the party
by misterrrjosh November 18, 2019
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UR is an abbreviation used for Unlock Reality a term which signifies something deep or wise. UR is Unlock Reality

Big Up is a show of respect.

Hense, a UR-Big-Up is a show of respect for something or someone showing depth or wisdom.

These have begun to appear especially on Myspace as comments which start with:

Unlock Reality (UR) followed by a greeting

Unlock Reality (UR) Cool!
Unlock Reality (UR) FUN!
Unlock Reality (UR) Fantastic!
Unlock Reality (UR) the one!

If you receive a message like this with a good term at the end, you may feel highly complimented as you have received a UR-Big-Up, indicating that the sender sees you as part of the solution to world problems and not part of the cause.
I found a UR-Big-Up on my page today, it said
Unlock Reality (UR) my sunshine!

made me feel great!
by Bella Savage October 26, 2006
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Traditional male Jamaican salutory greeting accompanied by closed fists bumped one atop the other and then reversed expressing well wishes, friendship and respect
Everybody wid sense big up (yourself)*

by thinly_veiled October 19, 2003
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Expression commonly used by Nats mainly the nutty variety.
I don't Big Up myself but I sometimes Big Up others
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
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Enjoy your status, you've earned it.

Originally a Jamaican expression which has spread to wider audiences through the Ali G Show and US urban radio.
That was a wicked combination tune you did with Beres Hammond. Big Up Yourself, star!
by Redlocks June 12, 2011
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